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Still, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, consider talking with a trusted doctor or mental health professional who specializes in addiction. A large component of support groups is spending time talking with other people who are in the same situation as you. This “peer support” time together has been shown to be incredibly beneficial and often results in higher substance use abstinence rates and feeling more satisfied with substance use treatments. The biggest benefit of online support groups is that you can attend from almost anywhere without having to commute or drive to the meeting location.

  • The membership includes unlimited chat messaging and a weekly 20-minute voice call.
  • Sobriety support groups, both online and in person, offer self-management and recovery training.
  • He previously served as the primary care director and the medical director of HIV primary care at Olive View—UCLA Medical.
  • You can take all the time you need to build a support system that’s right for you.
  • Women for Sobriety offers peer support and group chats online, in-person meetings, and exercise and meditation classes.
  • The organization offers both online and in-person support groups run by certified moderators and chat leaders.

Meetings have transitioned to video conferencing due to ongoing health concerns but they remain free of charge. However, a modest donation of $2-$5 is encouraged if you can spare it. Each session kicks off with the reading of the 13 Acceptance sober network properties Statements—a unique element that sets the tone for the meeting. This is why a healthy support system during recovery can make a world of difference. Recovery might require learning to navigate new thought patterns and triggers.

How to Build a Sober Support Network

Whether you are looking for motivation or people to keep you accountable, your sober support network provides constant love and support as you begin to take back control over your life. The only difference with an online sobriety support group is that meetings take place virtually rather than in person, such as through a Zoom meeting or Google Hangout. “Depending on the type of group it is, you may have a clinical therapist or sober coach [a trained and certified individual who coaches a client through the recovery steps] running the meetings,” she says. Sober Grid is the most popular social networking app for sober people to meet each other. In addition to providing access to a robust, online sober community, Sober Grid provides peer support coaching, digital therapeutics, and a digital library of mental health and recovery resources.

However, the pathway to recovery is far from impossible, especially with a rock-solid peer support network. That’s where online meetings and support groups for sobriety and alcohol recovery come into play. Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) offers global support meetings for recovery from addiction through self-empowerment.

Best Group Coaching Program

Some of the group’s strategies include positive reinforcement, cognitive restructuring, relaxation, diet, and exercise. With these tactics, there is a focus on self-empowerment to overcome addiction. The program’s foundation comes from a sociologist who believed that addiction among women could be traced to loss of identity, competing roles in society, and low self-esteem, depression, and guilt. AA also operates on the tradition that the group’s common welfare comes first, and the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking.

The 7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups in 2022 –

The 7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups in 2022.

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It is rooted in Buddhist principles and practices and relies on them to help free people from addiction. They use the Eight-Fold Path To Recovery to help people break the cycle of suffering and addiction. Plus, an additional monthly subscription plan for $99 a month (following a free trial) allows unlimited texts and voice calls with a recovery coach. WFS aims to help women deal with addiction by minimizing negative behaviors and growing their sense of self-value, self-worth, and self-efficacy.

Online Counseling for Sobriety and Mental Health Support

Two big ones are engaging with the “recovery peers” you meet in treatment and joining recovery support groups. An advantage of SMART Recovery is that its support group meetings are free to attend in-person and online. The four-step plan the organization offers is flexible, with different options for different circumstances.

  • A workout buddy who shares knowledge of fitness and nutrition can be helpful even if you’re not comfortable with him or her knowing all the details of your recovery journey.
  • Wherever you’re at in your recovery, you can join like-minded peers at in-person or online group meetings.
  • For example, studies have shown regular exercise reduces the risk of relapse.